Rent vehicle without document

Document-less car rental or Rent vehicle without document is one of the most prominent services offered by Hamirent Company.
Basically document submission is one of the surest guarantees for renting your own car rental contracts, but in practice the experience has proven to be difficult and a little unjustifiable for customers to get a car rental document.
Therefore, Hamirent Company will offer a variety of warranty conditions applicable to all clients, renting a car without a document or even renting a vehicle without a check for those who do not have these documents.

Types of vehicle rentals without a document

For example, one of the ways to rent a vehicle without a document is a bank check or promissory note, which is often easier to obtain than a property document, as well as respectable tourists and travelers. Departure for Iran, they can rent a car without a document by presenting their original passport or visa or return ticket.
Hamirent has even arranged for government and military employees and employees to rent their preferred car easily without a document.

For information on how to rent a vehicle , please refer to the vehicle Rental Terms page.

Rental Vehicle Without Document