Rent car in Tehran without driver

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Rent car in Tehran without driver

If for any reason you do not intend to use a private car and, as an alternative, have decided to rent a car in Tehran without driver, do not doubt your decision. Renting a car without a driver has several advantages to mention here. Benefits of renting a Tehran car without a driver Traffic within the scope of traffic plan If you need to travel within the scope of a paired and individual traffic plan to do your daily routine in Tehran, here are a few options to choose from:

Use of public transportation such as Metro and Bus

Rental Agency

Tehran car rental without driver and allowed to travel within the scope of the plan

• Using public transport such as the subway and bus will be more economical for you. But the crowding, the disruption of transportation at precise hours, especially in the early hours of the day, and the long and busy queues waiting to board, can be a frustrating and frustrating experience. Traffic will create traffic for you
• Renting an authorized agency within the scope of the plan is also one of the ways to go. Renting an agency will make it easier for you, but despite the relatively high cost you pay, you do not have full control of the car and this will limit you.
• Hamirent can obtain and issue a traffic license for your vehicle if you wish. By rent a car without a driver in Tehran, the vehicle is completely at your disposal and you can travel to different parts of Tehran according to your wishes.
• By renting a car without a driver you can reach your desired destination more quickly.
• The car is the best way to navigate with electronic devices such as GPS.
Self-Driving car rental will bring you the most convenience.
• With a Self-Driving car rental in Tehran, you do not have to worry about the cost of servicing the car, as the renter is responsible for maintaining and repairing all the cars in the complex. This is one of the biggest advantages of renting a driver-less car over the use of a personal car.
• If you only need to rent a car without a driver, it will save you more money than just buying a car and servicing it.
• If you are renting a car for a long time and the car needs repair, the repairman will be dispatched to your desired address from the Rental Support Institute to do the car service at your location.
• If your rental car gets into an accident, your renter will send you a new car and you will not be compensated for the accident. Because all cars have body insurance.

Why Hamirent?

1. You can choose the car that suits your needs and tastes from the range of cars available in the collection at the Rental Institute for the Career Rental.
2. Hamirent With numerous branches across Tehran and Karaj, as one of the pioneers of rent-a-car service, Hamirent is ready to provide Tehran car rental services with and without driver to Dear citizens of Tehran compatriots. The cars in the Hamirent include a range of luxury and high-end cars, mid-range and low-cost and low-end cars, and this gives you many options to choose from.
3. All cars have full body insurance and third-party insurance, as well as renter support for the technical and cleanliness and appearance of all cars in every way.
4. Hamirent has a variety of options for you to get your car’s return guaranteed.
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Find out the latest events on the Hamirent Car Rental Instagram page and follow us.