car rental imam Khomeini airport

car rental imam Khomeini airport

car rental imam Khomeini airport

Book your car keys at Imam Khomeini Airport by booking a car without a driver or with a driver from the renter. Save time by renting a car at Imam Airport.

Iran is one of the top 5 countries in the world in terms of tourist and tourist attractions.

Beautiful Iran is one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of tourist and tourist attractions. However, for a variety of reasons, including lack of proper infrastructure and inadequate sanctions and publicity, our country has not been well-deserved in this industry.

A country with a four-season climate, and as the south slows to a breath of air, in the northwest it can feel the cool breeze of May.

A country with many climates and not too long distances, you can take refuge in the wilderness of the desert and swim a bit further into the sea and play fish.

A country that is like a picture book of history and in the west you can see the first role of human paintings and after a few hours in the cradle of one of the first human civilizations in the city of Hamedan, its hospitality in the south. Country in the vast plain of Marvdasht in columns and headstones of Persepolis and be amazed.

A country whose ancient civilization is tied to the most perfect divine religion, Islam, and the beauty of this blissful linkage in the turquoise domes and magnificent minarets of Isfahan.

A country that has sightseeing.

This has made all the hardships, enthusiasts and lovers of Iran’s culture, civilization and climate and biodiversity from different countries make it to this perfect land, even those who have long left home and live in other lands. They cannot get away with all this beauty and glory and never come home once in a while.

Alongside the desire to see so much beauty and diversity, there are international companies with numerous representatives and technicians in Iran who travel to Iran to inspect projects and visit them.

Most of these trips to Iran are by air, and since Tehran, as the capital, has the most facilities and infrastructure, it is chosen as the destination and of course the first destination for travelers.

One of the infrastructures that is well provided at Tehran airports through various companies is the rental of a rental car that allows travelers and even experts and guests of various industries and international companies to rent. Your favorite car can travel safely on beautiful Iranian roads.

These cars can be accompanied by a highly skilled and technical driver who is familiar with different languages and can sometimes be provided without a driver.

The industry that is expanding day by day and providing different and diverse services from various companies that sometimes represent reputable brands in the industry adds to its prosperity.

How is a car rental at Imam Airport?

Passengers and applicants for rental cars can contact the experts at Car Rental Company in Tehran and at Imam Khomeini Airport before arriving or visiting guests and informing them of the conditions and types of their car rental arrangements. And provide the necessary documentation so that they do not get into trouble while they or the guest are present.

Renting a car at airports is a privilege that many car rental companies do not have and do not have the permits and facilities to do so. But the Rental Support Group is proud to provide car rentals at Imam Airport for travel enthusiasts or public and private institutions and companies, and will provide special services to you and your foreign guests.

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