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Hamirent Car Rental Company

Hamirent car rental company is a leading and largest car rental company in the Tehran capital of Iran, with over 11 years of experience in the search engine index of Google.
The company has the largest and most reputable car rental company in the Iran country with its fleet of 109 cars, both domestic and foreign.
Hamirent car rental utilizing the experience of large and old international car rental companies, especially US and European car rental companies, with detailed studies and roadmaps to provide the best service at the best and highest quality compared to other Self-Driving car hire companies, in the 1980s began to leap into the Iranian car rental industry.
43 cars are claimed by the company, owned and operated directly by Hamirent, and 66 are investors and owners of private cars. All rental cars in this complex can be rented without a driver or Self-Driving.


Hamirent car rental company maintains customer-centrist principles and for the satisfaction and convenience of more and more customers, for each contract whether leased or rented in relation to the presentation of the contract form and upon receipt of payment, it reaches the customers. It will provide all the principles and procedures of a car rental in a strict and legal manner.

We are proud to provide you with the confidence of your dear customers and the best cars available, so that you can have a happy car rental experience,also we strive to be the best in the car rental industry.

Amir Hosein Salami

Amir Hosein SalamiCEO and Founder - HAMIRENT

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