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What is the use of car rent?

You probably already have a situation where you need a Driver-Less car. You may plan a group trip with your family or friends and you may want to have a Self-Drive car due to the lack of a personal vehicle. Your car may be unusable due to a breakdown and you may want to rent a car until it is repaired. You may even own a luxury car, but you can’t use it temporarily because of an accident. You may have bought a new car but you haven’t got it yet, in which case renting a car or renting a car without a driver can solve the temporary problems you have.

Hamirent Car Rental

Simply contact Hamirent car rental center (Rent-a-Car) and choose your favorite car.

Why choose Hami rent for rent car or Self-Drive car rental rent car?

• Hamirent, As one of the first car rental service providers in Tehran province, started operating in the 1990s and, with years of experience in providing car rental services, is one of the most trusted and recognized centers for car rental.
• Hamirent has a wide variety of Iranian and foreign cars. There is also a range of luxury, mid-range and low-cost luxury cars available in the Hamirent fleet to meet customer needs.
• Hamirent can be rented for any length of time you want. You can rent a driver-less car hourly, daily and even weekly.
• The Self-driving car rental agreement will be tailored to your needs at a reasonable price.
• One of the most important things when renting a car is getting the right information and understanding of the terms of the customer. When renting a car, the customer have to know exactly who will be liable in the event of theft, accident or damage to the car and how much it will pay. The car rental agreement at Hamirent everything that is possible, provided in a clear and accurate manner to the customer.
• All rental cars in Hamirent, including luxury cars, mid-range and low-cost cars, are fully serviced and safe, and the renter guarantees their safety even over long distances. The cars in this series are also quite clean.
• The activities of the purchased cars in our collection, under the auspices of the Hamirent, can be made easier by the respect of the honorable Maintainer, by law and investment.
• Hamirent support services can provide you with third-party personal security and it, can help you monitor and take care of your rented car.
• If you require repairs and servicing of rented cars, the repairman will be dispatched to your location by the institution and will provide service, maintenance and car wash.
• There are a variety of ways you can get car rental return guarantee. To guarantee the return of a rented car within the time specified in the contract, a variety of methods are available such as providing a personal check, employee check, cash payment, real estate or lease, mortgage and passport.
• Other car rentals can include personal car rentals as a guarantee and foreign car rentals.
• If you are planning to rent a car with a driver, Rental Support will provide legal, experienced and multilingual drivers to serve you. This way, if you have foreign guests, you will not have to worry about the guest communicating with the driver.
• Other features of the Rental Sponsor are renting an escort car, if you need a car to escort you to various rites, you can use the Rental Sponsor car rental.
If you need a car rental without driver for leisure, business, ceremonial, wedding, or anything else, you can contact a renter. Our partners will advise you on the types of contracts and guarantees appropriate for your rental.

Price list of some rental cars

Rent a car without a driver

Rent a car without a driver
You can choose the right car for your use by visiting the Hamirent from our extensive fleet of cars.
• Are you planning on renting a car for daily jobs?
If you are planning to rent a car without a driver, you may want to choose a low-cost Iranian or Chinese car.
• Got an important job appointment?
If you have an important job, you can have a great impact on your audience by renting a luxury car without a driver. The luxury cars in the Rennet support range are very clean and brilliant and are one of the best in the world today. These factors are very effective in the first meeting of business meetings.

Car rental in Tehran

If for any reason you do not intend to use a personal car and, as an alternative, have decided to rent a Tehran car without a driver, do not doubt your decision. Renting a car without a driver has several advantages to mention here.
The Hamirent can, if you wish, obtain a traffic license for your car. With a driver-less car hire, the vehicle is completely at your disposal and you can drive to different parts of Tehran according to your plans.
With a self-drive car rental in Tehran, you do not have to worry about the cost of servicing the car, as the renter is responsible for maintaining and repairing all the cars in the complex. This is one of the biggest advantages of renting a self-driving car over the use of a personal car.

Rent a car is a business in which a car rental company leases a vehicle, such as a car, truck, etc. to a client for a specified period of time.
The car rental agreement can be concluded for several hours, a day, a week or a month depending on the customer’s need, between the car rental company and the customer. Rental contracts are usually concluded with a car without a driver or a car with a driver, each with different rental conditions.
A car rental company usually needs to have a range of cheap cars, mid-range cars and luxury cars to meet the needs of all of its customers. In addition to renting a car, the car rental company offers services such as insurance, global positioning (GPS), entertainment systems, cell phones, safety boxes and child safety seats.

Document-less car rental or Rent a car without document is one of the most prominent services offered by Hamirent Company, Basically document submission is one of the surest guarantees for renting your own car rental contracts, but in practice the experience has proven to be difficult and a little unjustifiable for customers to get a car rental document.

You may need to rent a car without a driver for any reason. For example, for a group trip, a business trip, formalities, airport transfers, celebrations and weddings, etc.
But the most important reason for renting a car without a driver is that you may not be resident in Tehran or Karaj, and you may be visiting the city for administrative work or family visits. Going to a car rental and renting agency is one of the wisest ways to do your daily routine. There are some benefits to renting a car:
Self-Drive car hire, best choice for newcomers:
Hamirent makes it possible for its customers to deliver the car at the train station or airport upon arrival. This is the best choice for newcomers to the city. This way they can easily reach their desired location without renting a car.

In some cases, for example for a wedding celebration, or for an important formal occasion, people will need to rent a car with the driver, Hamirent Offers a full fleet of cheap and luxurious cars to rent with a dear customer. Due to the easy conditions of renting a car with a driver and because of no need to provide guarantees, it is one of the best options for renting a car daily or renting a car. Refer to the car rental price list page for car rental prices.

About Hamirent Car Rental Company

Hamirent car Rental is the first and largest car rental company in the capital, with over 11 years of experience in renting. The company owns a fleet of automobiles consisting of 109 cars, domestic and foreign, the most reputable car rental company in the country. Hamirent utilizing the Experience of corporate and international self-drive car rental, especially US and European car rental companies, with detailed studies and roadmaps to provide the best service with the best and The highest quality compared to other competitors in the field of driver-less car rental in the 1980s entered the car rental industry in Iran.

Refer to the Car Rental Price List page for car rental prices.

Why HamiRent car rental?

  • Car rental without intermediary and directly from the owner
  • Very reasonable price and flexible requirements with customer requirements
  • Car delivery and customer response as soon as possible
  • All kinds of cars in the world, with third party insurance and full body

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